Why I’m Running

I am privileged to be running for County Supervisor in the 4th District and pledge to dedicate my public service to ensuring everyone in San Diego has the same opportunity for a great start in life and a chance to succeed.  I’m running to keep our community thriving, safe and affordable for all, because:

  • I believe that every child in San Diego deserves the same opportunities I’ve had.
  • I know that principled assistance and support can make the difference for seniors living independently.
  • I understand what it takes for the public and private sectors to work together to create a San Diego that is more prosperous, more progressive, and more affordable for everyone.


A Focus on Early Childhood

Opportunity begins with early childhood development.  The County must play a bigger role in directing more energy and focus toward setting all children up for success before they start kindergarten.  One of my priorities is to increase access to high-quality daycare, pre-school and flexible childcare options that reflect the realities of working parents in San Diego today. We must ensure that a child’s path to success begins before entering school, with greater attention on ensuring every child is ready for kindergarten. The County Board of Supervisors can play a vital role in augmenting the impact of the First Five Commission and expanding support from birth to adulthood, including career readiness, to strengthen our economy.

Support for Seniors Aging Independently

The role of the County Board of Supervisors here is clear: San Diego County not only needs to increase direct support for senior resources, but also to improve the process and the interface through which senior services are offered. This must be a priority. During college, I supported myself by working as an in-home healthcare aide for developmentally disabled persons and a Certified Nurses Aide for the Veterans Administration, caring mostly for Veterans of World War II and the Korean War.  I also have a personal understanding of the complexity of aging. My own mother is 83 years old, and in my family we have encountered the stress and uncertainty involved in taking stock of existing government resources to support her needs for housing and healthcare.

Tackling the Homelessness and Housing Crises Head-On

Homelessness has been a crisis in San Diego for decades. We need bold solutions now. As proven successes in other counties have shown, we must build and convert more homes for the homeless, and increase the resources dedicated to mental health, substance abuse and job training opportunities. As a construction and land use attorney, I have worked to advocate against the barriers that government can place on building homes that people can afford, which is one factor that leads to homelessness. San Diego County is growing mostly from within and we must dedicate ourselves to building more homes – both subsidized affordable and market rate middle-class housing – to successfully take on our housing crisis. These steps will help reduce homelessness, in part, but we need to also embrace that major reductions in homelessness will require bold leadership. I have volunteered with the Regional Task Force on the Homeless and as a board member for Rachel’s Women’s Center and I have seen the toll on families of not having a place to call their own. We must act. There is no other choice but to embrace our residents who need extra help. It’s what San Diegans do.

An Economic Future for Everyone

From the armed services and life sciences to tourism and craft beer, San Diego’s economy is a unique reflection of who we are as a community. County government has an important role to play in ensuring that our economic future reflects and sustains the community we all want to build. We can do this by strongly promoting local industries, protecting the natural resources that make San Diego unique, and ensuring that veterans have access to the job training and healthcare services they have earned.  The County must step up and become a leader in the region’s economic development, convening and supporting innovative entrepreneurship in all communities and championing our region to the rest of the world. I’ve lived here all my life, and there is nowhere else in the world like San Diego, but we need to be honest about the hard work ahead to keep our neighborhoods open – and affordable – to everyone.

A Clean, Connected, and Safe San Diego

Now is the time for San Diego County to adopt an enforceable climate action plan to ensure that our water, air and coastlines stay clean and beautiful. Our region has an amazing quality of life, and San Diegans expect government to fight to protect it. This means ensuring support for early action projects for public transit, and safe regional bicycle networks so everyone can enjoy our community. This also means stepping up and getting San Diego County to lead in regional safety planning to protect our infrastructure and neighborhoods from new threats like cyber attacks and existing threats like natural disaster.