Homes and Communities

San Diego is a beautiful place to live but far too many people of all ages struggle with the high cost of having a safe home.  Whether you are a recent graduate, a senior citizen, are coming out of the military or work in retail, the cost of renting a home has become too high.  The same is true of capturing the American Dream of owning a home.

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Our balanced, regional approach to making homes more affordable to rent and to own considers both the importance of the free market and the critical reality that our most vulnerable San Diegans need our support. The plan’s four principles are:

  • Quality. Stabilize and enhance neighborhoods and quality of life for all San Diegans
  • Reliability. Create more flexible rules that are easier to follow to make building and living in homes cheaper
  • Cost. Make homes more affordable by increasing entry level supply and subsidizing certain homes
  • Protection. Preserve San Diego’s environment by focusing growth near infrastructure and stopping sprawl


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Download our Housing4All Full Plan