Dear Neighbor,

We are so lucky to live in a place like San Diego. But we can’t take our quality of life for granted, which is why I am honored to be a candidate for County Supervisor in the 4th District.

It is critical that we ensure everyone in the San Diego region has the same opportunities I’ve had to achieve, despite a challenging start to my life. I started out in the San Diego County Foster Care system, but with the help of devoted people I was adopted, went to college, graduate school, law school and returned to my hometown to give back.

I pledge to keep our communities safe, thriving, and affordable. I’m not a career politician or a Sacramento insider – I will lead from my values and with integrity, and you will never have to wonder where I stand. I am a community advocate, a local business leader, a tireless advocate for San Diego and I am deeply committed to making our community work for everyone.

Best regards,

Omar Passons